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Our Marching Orders

William looks at the response of the early church to the commission given to them by Jesus and asks why the same approach is not used today among the different christian groups we see in our modern world.


To Know as we are Known

William explores God's plans for our future, explains why the devil and a third of the angelic host sinned and why in our glorified state we will never sin.

Sermon on the Mount - Part 4

As William brings to an end his four part series focusing on the Sermon on the Mount - he explores the deeper meaning of Matthew chapter 7 and what we as follower of Jesus need to focus on within our christian walk today.


Sermon on the mount - Part 3

William Andrews continues with his discussion about what Jesus taught to his disciples on the Mount with a multitude of his followers looking on - in this third in the series of sermons William will look at chapter 6 the act of giving, prayer and the importance of forgiveness.

Sermon on the Mount - Part 2

William continues with his discussion of what Jesus taught to his disciples on the Mount with a multitude of his followers looking on - in this second in the series of sermons William will look at the Law and what Jesus intended the pledging church to understand.


Sermon on the Mount - Part 1

William explores the content of the discussion Jesus taught to his disciples on the Mount with a multitude of his followers looking on - this 15 minute discourse would have actually taken place over a much longer time period and in this new series of sermons William will look at the detail of what was to become the full gospel message for the pledging church.

Made in God's Image

William looks at the reason why Jesus was born as a helpless baby and what is being referred to in Genesis of Man being made in the image of God and ties the two together to explain why Jesus is the perfect image of the Father.


Spiritual Pattern of Faith

William looks at the way the Holy Spirit works with the physical body of Jesus Christ and provides some well known examples from 2 Kings and Act 9.

Praying in the Spirit

As William Andrews reachs the end of this series on the Armour of God, looking at the need to pray continually and what that really means.


The Sword of the Spirit

William Andrews looks at the final piece of the Spirit's Armour and explains why we are not the ones wielding the sword in our Christian walk.

The Helmet of Salvation

William Andrews continues his exploration of Ephesians 6: 10-18 and focuses on the fifth part of the armour the Helmet of Salvation.


The Shield of Faith

William Andrews continues to explore the separate parts of the spiritual armour from Ephesians 6 which has been provided to us individually by the Holy Spirit to strengthen our walk with Jesus Christ and focuses in on verse 16 the Shield of Faith.

Shoes of Peace

William Andrews in his third look at the Armour of God from Ephesians 6: 10-18 looks at the Shoes of Peace.


The Breastplate of Righteousness

William Andrews continues his series looking at the Armour of God from Ephesians 6: 10-18 with a look at The Breastplate of Righteousness and how to wear it.

Belt of Truth

William Andrews looks at the Armour of God and starts this series from Ephesians 6: 10-18 with a look at the Belt of Truth.


Spiritual Cancer

William looks at the nature of cancer and it treatment and how this can reflects spiritually in the Church.

Jesus is the Truth

William looks at the reason why our prayers are sometimes not answered.


Bread & Wine

William explores the history of sharing bread and wine in the scriptures and explained it's deeper meaning to the new testament church and subsequently for us living in these last days.

Meat of the Word

William looks at the meat of scripture while exploring our relationship with God.


The Gospel Scaffolding

William explores the Apostles approach to teaching the gospel and explains why the teaching of Moses became the scaffolding used to help build the Church in the first century and why it is now being used again today.

The Eternal Miracle

William revisits the Christmas story and reminds us that it was the plan from the very beginning.


Faith in the Resurrection

William explains that the first elements of faith seen in the bible and across civilisation was the belief in the resurrection of the dead and a future judgement.

How long to Know?

William asks the question how long does it take to build a friendship, and looks at the relationship between Jesus, his disciples, the people and the religious and ruling authorities - why after three and a half years did they still not know who Jesus was.


Exploring Faith

William Andrews looks at faith and asks what is needed to help it grow and develop.

God's Provision

William invites you to investigate a mystery with him surrounding the missing sermon of Jesus as recorded in Luke 5 : 1-11.


The Two Baptisms

William takes a closer look at the baptism of John the Baptist and the baptism of Jesus.

The War is Over

While some talk about the war between God and Satan as on going the truth is it ended two thousand years ago with the resurrection of Jesus Christ.


Our Authority in Jesus

William looks at the nature of the Christian message and the commands by Jesus for the Church to exercise His authority here on earth and why we are so reluctant to do so.

The 12 - 1 Harvest

William explains why God choice to progress proactively with Israel's evangelism ahead of the majority of the Gentile nations.


Victory Over Death

William Andrews examines the victory over death achieved by Jesus Christ on the cross for all the world.

Gethsemane (Olive Press)

William explores the events of Jesus both in the Garden of Gethsemane and at the Garden Tomb.


The Nature of Evil

William examines the Nature of Evil as revealed in the Bible.

Perfect in Love

William looks at Jesus' command to be perfect as our Father in Heaven is Perfect.


Resurrection and the Life

William explains the message Jesus give to Martha and the disciples when he raised Lazarus from the dead.

The Threefold Ministry of the Holy Spirit

William looks at the the role Jesus give to the Holy Spirit in John 16 v8.


Jesus and the Holy Spirit

William looks at why it was essential for the Holy Spirit to descend to Jesus at His Baptism.

Who did Jesus Say He was

William looks at who Jesus was and the biblical proof that He was God in the flesh.


The Kingdom of God is like...

William looks at the parables which Jesus used to explain the Kingdom of God.

Love and Hate

William looks at the relationship between Love and Hate using the story of King Saul and David to show that Saul is a representative of Hate while David, a man after God's own Heart, is the representative of Love.


Lessons from the Great Banquet

William Andrews looks at what Jesus teaches us from the parables of The Wedding Feast and The Great Banquet recorded in Matthew 22 and Luke 14, and asks therefore are you appropriately dress? or just making excuses?

Living in the Kingdom

William looks into the future and asks what it will be like to live 500 years into the Millennium.


Another Gospel Another Christ

William explores the true nature of the Gospel and why it is so often preverted and changed.

The Impotent Church

William looks at the passion and compassion of Jesus and the apostles and asks why the Church are so lacking in love overall.


The Fear of God

William explains why it is important to Fear God and warns about the dangers facing the end-time Church because of its lacks the Fear of God, and it ongoing problems with the Spirit of Fear as a result.

The Material Builder

William looks at 1 Corinthians 3: 11-15 and asks the question - what are the materials that we using in our daily building of the House of God as we go about our work, family and local community.


Satan has hid the true Gospel message

William explores how Satan influences Christians and seeks to hid the truth of Jesus from them.

Jesus is our ladder to God

William explores the solid authentic teaching and imagery which reflects Jesus in the Bible.


The Love of God

William explores the link between the agape Love of God and the spiritual gifts of the Holy Spirit which have been given to the Church.

Absolute Truth

William shares some personal thoughts about the absolute nature of the words of the Father and Jesus and the importance of our obedience to God at all times.


Magi Revisited

William looked at why the earliy church chose to observe the coming of the Magi.

Faith & Fear

William looks at the difference between Faith and Fear and shows that they are different end of the same thing.


Atonement Explained

William Andrews speaking at the Lurgan Church speaks about the meaning of the ancient biblical holy day of Atonement, also called Yom Kippur.

The Simple Gospel

William Andrews examines the way the first century Church shared the gospel message with the gentile nation throughout the world.


How and Why to Pray

William explains why Jesus chose to teach his disciples to pray, and recaps some of the lessons given in the scriptures with regard to prayer.

Laodicean Church

William explains why the end-time Church is considered to be the Laodicean Church and what this means to Christians today.


The Christan Enemy

William explores the ways Satan attacks the Church of God in our modern world and how we as Christian are enabled to resist those attacks and drive that christian enemy away from us through Jesus Christ.

Holiness of the Holy Spirit

William explores the nature of the Holy Spirit and the aspect of His holiness as shown to us in the old and new testaments.



William looks at the need for Christian perseverance as we enter the New Year of 2017 and prepare to face an uncertain future that will undoubtedly challenge our Christian faith and resolve.

Christian Freedom

William looks at the subject of Freedom and how it applies to us as Christians today.


God is Life

William looks at the life offered to us by God and focuses on the concept of death and why it is the last enemy that will be destroyed.

Addressing Fear

William discusses the aspect of Fear and provides evidence that this is not something God wishes us as Christians to be concerned about.


Unique Christianity

William looks at the unique characteristics of Christianity and the role God has identified for Christians in his plan of salvation.

Armour of God

William examines the Armour of God as highlighted by Paul in Ephesians 6 and explores the spiritual meaning of the individual items mentioned.


Introduction to Holiness

William explores the vast topic of Holiness, and in this introduction explains why God does not take it lightly when we trivialise Him or His Church.

Remembering Mary & Martha

William examines the command from Jesus to remember the Mary who anointed him with spikenard for his burial and looks at the significant of Mary's actions.


Watering the Seed

William speaking to the Lurgan Church, Craigavon, explores the Parable of the Sower and explains the importance of the impact of watering on the difference to the levels of growth discussed in the Parable..

Sign of Authority

William looks at the signs relating to the identify of the Messiah and shows that one important sign was the sign of authority mention by Moses in the old testament..


Why the Nativity?

William examines the Nativity and highlights that the record of Jesus' birth was put into the gospel scriptures more for the Gentile believers that for the Jews. He suggests that the inconsistency in knowing the accurate date of the Nativity was predetermined by God so that the Christian Church could celebrate this event at the time of their choosing. As the most difficult pagan religion for the Christian Church was the Feast of Saturnalia at the winter equinox, it was natural for the Church to chose this period to teach the Nativity as a direct attack against the demon spirits operating at this period.

Conflict Resolution

William explores some thoughts about conflict and the need for Christians as God's ambassadors to learn how to resolve conflict among ourselves. Using the books of Acts, and Galatians as examples William demonstrates that our teachings needs to be in agreement with God at all times, and why at all time we need to stand our ground to defend what is right.


Jubilee & Resurrection

William Andrews speaking at WCGNI in Lurgan Church explores the meaning of the Jubilee and also what our resurrection will be like. We apologise that the sound on this video is slightly distorted as the Tie-Mic linked to the Panasonic HC-V770 was incorrectly positioned on the speaker. A mistake which will be rectified when we use this system again.

Understanding the Lord's Prayer

William Andrews speaking to the Lurgan Church , Craigavon, explores the nature of the Lord's Prayer and explains the meaning of the words that we are so familiar with and why it is important for us not to use this prayer lightly as it signify our family relationship with Him..


Shadow of Substance

William Andrews explains the principals used within the bible to explain God miracle working power and that through Jesus Christ we are enabled to demonstrate God's will on earth as we continue to reflect Jesus on the earth until He returns.

Fork in the Road

William speaking to the congregation at Lurgan WCGNI explores the need for God at times to change our direction in life to fulfil His plans in our life.


Pentecost - Decorating the Bride

William Andrews speaking on the day of Pentecost explained the importance of the festival both to the modern and ancient Church and why it demonstrates God's unfailing grace to all of his people.

God Plans a Wedding

God repetitively patterned throughout the volume of scriptures the detailed blueprint plan to get a bride for His one and only son Jesus Christ by agreeing to pay the extravagant cost to redeem mankind as the bridal price.


Empowered to Witness

We need to be empowered by the Holy Spirit, if we are to maintain our witness in the face of mounting persecution in our modern walk with God in these last days.

Why are we Here?

Addressing the Church in Craigavon, William asked the question which humanity has been asking for thousands of years. The answer to the question may surprise you.


God's Message about the Feast

Exploring the different messages God has given to us within the Feast of Tabernacles and highlights the central message for salvation through Jesus Christ which is available to all.

The Divine Announcement

How God the Father prepared to announce His Son, Jesus to the nation of the Jews and subsequently to the entire world. Using the media of #Sky, #flash-mob and a #celebrity-endorsement, God testifies to everyone that the #Messiah was born, thus signalling that God's long promised plan for #salvation had arrived.


Pentecost - Birth of the Church

William Andrews speaking to the Church on their first visit to the Seskinore House Church, welcomed them to County Tyrone and spoke about the importance of the Holy Spirit within the Church and the miraculous display of God's power which was demonstrated at the birth of the Church in Jerusalem.

The Knowledge of Good & evil

William Andrews addresses the Church in Lurgan, Craigavon and explores the reason why God placed the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil in the Garden of Eden and highlighted that this tree is still being eaten by the Church today and how this is developing within them the very nature of their Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.


Esther - A Modern Parable

William Andrews speaking in Lurgan shares a spiritual parable concealed as a hidden treasure within the small book of Esther. William retells the story, emphasising the spiritual message entwined in it for the true bride of Jesus Christ who is being called out of the world over the last 2000 years and especially those who God is working with today.

God Believes in You

William Andrews speaking to the Welcome Church, Lurgan shares an important truth, hidden from many professing Christians today, that our Father God has faith that we will be in His Kingdom and therefore He believes in 'you'. He believes you will overcome this world, overcome it's King, Satan the Adversary and accept the truth about our Heavenly Father and the truth of His only begotten Son the Lord Jesus Christ.


Faith an Unmoveable Object

William Andrews addressing the Welcome Church in Lurgan on the 15.02.14 asked the question - What happens when an irresistible force meets an unmoveable object. The irresistible force being the spiritual world view as it impacts on the Faith we have in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. William attempts to reinforce our Faith by reminding us that God always intervene directly in world affairs when it is necessary and that the evidence of His presence is seen in the historic record if we are willing to look for it.

Be Perfect

William Andrews addressing the Welcome Church on the 18th January 2014 explored the statement which Jesus said in Matthew 5 v 48 'Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.' as asks the question how are we to be perfect if the standard we are to attain to is God Himself.


Faithfulness to God

William Andrews addressing the Welcome Church on the last Sabbath of 2013 explores the question asked by Jesus - "Will I find Faith On the Earth" and answers that question by showing how the Church could be the Elijah who is to come.

Psalm 91 - God's Protection

William Andrews speaking at the Welcome Church in Lurgan, Craigavon, Northern Ireland undertook a Bible study of Psalm 91 and highlighted the level of protection which God has promised to His Church in the last days. William explains why this Psalm shows that the member's of Christ's Body will remain on the earth until Our Lord's Return at the last trumpet.


Fear - Opposing Camps

William Andrews addressing the Welcome Church in Lurgan, Craigavon addressed the subject of Fear and used examples from the Bible to show the effect of fear and the differences between positive fear and negative fear and God's view on both. The description 'Opposing Camps' asks the question which type of fear is ruling in your live, the fear of God or the fear of circumstances.

Freedom by Adoption

William Andrews examines why the 1st Century Church made such an impact in the lives of both Jews and Gentile, and asks what has changed with modern Christianity that it is no longer an acceptable response to the problems facing the world today.


The Submissive Way

Addressing the Welcome Church in Lurgan, Craigavon William Andrews explains the importance of us emulating the example of Jesus as He shows us the need to show ourselves submissive to the Father's will for our lives and warns us of the potential outcome if we determine to do things our own way.

In the Potter's Hand

William Andrews looks at the changes which occur in a person's life when they come to know Jesus Christ and explains how God supplies all of our requirements through the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, so that we are fully equipped to proclaim the everlasting Gospel, which is eternal life to all who accept it.


Recognising Our Time

William Andrews recaps on the events of the week's news and explains the importance for us as Christians recognising that this is our time to fully reflect the power of the Living God in every aspects of our own lives and to understand that we have the Spirit of the Living Christ dwelling within us.

Our True Rebirth in Christ

William Andrews uses the teachings from the Gospel of John to show that Jesus has changed the way we are to come to the Father and explains the important details of our own rebirth which has resulted in us becoming first generation siblings of both Adam and Jesus.


Focusing on Jesus Christ

William Andrews examines what made the first century Church of God so effective in evangelising to both Jew and Gentile alike. He highlights that the message which was being taught by the early Christians was so radical that it draw people to it in the midst of ongoing persecution and rejection by the governmental and religious bodies of the day. The message broke down social and culture barriers to present a people united as one body in Jesus Christ as holy acceptable inheritors of God's grace and mercies.

Establishing World Government - Part 2

William Andrews speaking at the Welcome Church, Lurgan, Craigavon examines modern government from the perspective of history and the bible. In this second part he looks at the first world government (Babylon) and at the World Government which shall rule at the end of the age as referred to as the 10 toes of the image in the king's dream. William shows that this time is closer that we may think and presents evidence to confirm that we are in the era of the Ten Toes Kingdom and that it shall end with the return of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.


Establishing World Government - Part 1

William Andrews speaking at the Welcome Church, Lurgan, Craigavon examines modern government from the perspective of history and the bible. In this first part he looks at the roots of world government as revealed in the Holy Scriptures and presents an alternative view of the first world government (Babylon) as he explains that God worked closely with its gentile ruler Nebuchadnezzar, also known as the Head of Gold.

Entering the age of Saturnalia

William Andrews addressed the Welcome Church, Lurgan, Craigavon a few day before Christmas with a seasonal message with a difference. Highlighting the soon coming return of Jesus Christ, William demonstrated that God has established pointers/signs for this world so that it can know the times in which it is living and starting with the recent completion of the Mayan calendar, he explained about the ancient biblical Holy Days, the festival of Saturnalia (from which our modern Christmas has inherited most of it's customs) and the signs of the sky including the forthcoming 2014 - 2015 Lunar and Sonar Eclipses. William remains us that we need to be careful not to become like the Laodicean Church mentioned in the Book of Revelations who will be caught off guard at the return of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.


Sermon on the Mount

William Andrews addressing the Welcome Church in Lurgan, Craigavon, Northern Ireland delves deeper into the meaning Jesus was seeking to share with the Jews to His era and the importance of the message to us as Christians today. The message shows the true heart of God and what He expected of us as His sons and daughters.

God's Gifts to be Given

William Andrews, Exploding Word Ministries shares an important biblical lesson with the Welcome Church, in Lurgan, Craigavon about our role as servants of Jesus Christ and the responsibility we owe to our brothers and sisters in this dying world. Are you the gift God intends you to be, or are you more like the disobedient servant who ate and drank instead of assuming his responsibilities to his fellow servants. A very thought provoking message which is extremely timely for our present era.


God's warning from the Past

William Andrews shares a warning from the past to the modern Christian Church while addressing the Welcome Church in Lurgan, Craigavon, Northern Ireland. Using part of verse 10 of Psalms 95 he expounds the circumstances which resulted in the first generation of the Israelite peoples being forbidden to enter the promised land and warns that this could be the end result of the present age of the Christian Church if they don't embrace the truth of Jesus Christ in full measure.

Galatians - Instruction from God

Addressing the Welcome Church in Lurgan, Craigavon - William Andrews of Exploding Word Ministries discusses the lessons we are given in Paul's Letter to the Galatians Church and the importance of not allowing ourselves to be drawn back into legalism as we proclaim the truth of Jesus Christ within our personal daily walk with God. (Please noted that Paul's encounter with the Lord was on the road to Damascus and not Emmaus as indicated. Slight slip of the tongue, sorry)


Returned to Family Management

William Andrews addresses the Welcome Church in Lurgan, Craigavon and explores the meaning behind the Day of Pentecost,(Feast of Weeks) highlighting that the Levitical priesthood were only a caretaker management which assumed only the temporary (physical) authority of Melchizedek until the true heir Jesus Christ came and restored the priesthood back into the family of God by making us all priests under Him after the Order of Melchizedek.

God's Purpose in Creation

William Andrews explores the reason why God's created all aspects of life on the planet Earth. William highlights the Fruits of the Spirit as being the complete character of the divine being and that those same fruits form the underpinning spiritual law for all life.


This is what Jesus did (TIWJD)

William Andrews of Exploding Word Ministries addressed a Church Service in Lurgan Craigavon and explores the difference of the slogan WWJD 'What would Jesus Do' with the scripturally recommended TIWJD 'This is what Jesus did'. William provided examples from the bible to show that Jesus made a direct difference within peoples lives and that He also commissioned us to continue the work that He started until He himself returns to complete His mission which was given to Him from the Father when all things are put under his authority.

Introducing Jesus as the Messiah

William Andrews of Exploding Word Ministries shows how the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John show that the identity of Jesus was hidden from Satan until Jesus was identified through the baptism of John on his coming of age at 30 years old, and the spectacular way which Jesus chose to reveal His true nature to His disciples at the wedding in Cana.


Craigavon Church - Speakers

  • Billy Boyd
    Billy Boyd is a gifted teacher, and long-time student of scripture, along with his wife Margaret he attends Church in Craigavon, Northern Ireland were they play an active role in the local church.
  • William Huston
    William Huston, is an ordained preaching elder and lives with his wife Elsa in Co Antrim.
  • Morris McCabe
    Morris has been a Christian speaker for over 40 years within churches across the widest and breadth of Ireland North and South.

    As a gifted evangelist Morris teaches as inspired by the Holy Spirit and is uniquely able to ingratiate himself into any group setting, quickly finding opportunity to proclaiming the wonderful message of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
  • Gus Roycroft It is with great sadness and regret that we announce the death of Gus who had been the main minster to the Craigavon Church since it started in 1990.

    Gus had been gifted with a true pastors heart towards the church congregation and regularly engaged within the caring ministries of the church, such as visiting the sick and maintaining contact with many who have been imprisoned for Christ across the world. He will be greatly missed.
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